News – 01 January 2018: A Look Ahead for the Year.

2018 looks to be a year that ought to compete with 2017 for release numbers. Here’s how that shakes down:

A High Malevolence album, Predators is complete and awaiting a release date.

A Guardian Eagle album, Tears of Fire, is near complete and in the mixing/mastering stages.

There is optimism for more than one Construct album adding as well to the numbers.

Finally, I have reason to be optimistic and excited for a possible completion of an F-14 Tomcat album.  That project has been put off over and over again to deal with the workload for Appalachian Winter, but I don’t forecast an new release for that project before 2019.

Also, there is still some unfinished business from 2017.  It looks like this year will also be a productive one.  I can’t wait!

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