The Construct has a long history dating back to 2002, when our first album Antimatter was released as low-fi audio recorded through a karaoke machine.  We didn’t have Wilt Hollow Workhouse Studio nor any other home studio back then, so it was the best we could do.  Regardless of both that and a collection of idle years, the Construct has grown an impressive discography for itself, with twelve releases total and three more currently on the way – with no plans to stop after that, mind you! 

We hope to have the full discography available in some form in the future.  Right now, the Wilt Hollow Workhouse Studio YouTube has a decent portion (over 100 songs) of the Construct’s releases available to stream:

Engines of Twilight  –  Full Album

AstroSalvador    Full Album

Eat Bait    Full Album

Trylon and Perisphere  EP

New Definitions of Sound and Fury  –  EP

Lost Hours on Unmarked Paths  –  EP

Francine off the Bridge    Single with B-side

Memory of a Blue Sun    Single with B-side

Curious Ruins  –  Abridgement of two album length collections