News – 09 January 2022: 2021 Retrospective and 2022 Prospective.

News – 01 January 2021: 2021 Prospective.

News – 01 January 2019: A look ahead for the year.

News – 31 December 2018: 2018 Restrospective.

News – 18 April 2018: The Studio finally runs Cakewalk by BandLab, the successor to the Sonar series of Cakewalk products! It’s not cloud reliant and seems as stable as the Sonar series of DAWs. The interface is basically the same, so there’s no real learning curve. Whether it continues to be free with a BandLab account remains to be seen, but I’m ecstatic that the Cakewalk DAW appears like it will live long into to future.

News – 12 April 2018: BandLab has apparently made the successor to Sonar Platinum, now called Cakewalk by BandLab, FREE for download by BandLab users. When I have a little more time on my hands I’ll investigate this further but as of this writing I have not gotten the new take on the DAW. Find the announcement here. This looks like incredible news on the surface.

News – 23 March 2018: BandLab is reaching out to users to create accounts so they may link those to the past Cakewalk accounts. I have updated my info there. More news to come as I know more of what BandLab intends for the Sonar and Cakewalk properties it has acquired. Part of me is frightful that BandLab’s Sonar take is going to be cloud-reliant, and if that’s so, it may spell the eventual end of Sonar as the DAW out here. But, I’m quite hopeful BandLab will be thoughtful enough to leave a local component for whatever succeeds/updates Sonar.

News – 24 February 2018: BandLab Technologies announces purchase of Cakewalk.  Read the official statement here. Looks like good news!

News – 11 January 2018: The future of Sonar line products, the DAW this studio runs, is uncertain. Read the statement from Cakewalk’s Chief Technical Officer here if interested. While the functionality of Sonar products is not in danger of ceasing any time soon, the constant march of technology may well require a switch in DAW software at some point in the (hopefully distant) future. ProTools is already ruled out as a possible replacement. More info will be shared on Sonar’s future as it becomes available. Artists here may rest assured that any contingency plan regarding DAW software will be exhaustively researched before implementation, and that your time in the studio will unlikely suffer as a result of any possible change in recording program.

News – 01 January 2018: A look ahead for the year.

News – 31 December 2017: Retrospect 2017.

News – 22 January 2017: A look ahead for the year.

News – 01 December 2016: With luck, vocal recording out here will be a little less painful!

News – 03 August 2016: Sonar Platinum is now running at Wilt Hollow Workhouse Studio.

News – 17 June 2016 : Re-amping has come to Wilt Hollow Workhouse Studio! Learn more here.

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