This studio has broken previous records here since the Prospects for 2017 entry, despite many plans not yet making it into complete form this year. Six new releases are a part of the Studio discography that weren’t when the year began. Those are:

The Stereoplanetary Audio Construct – Eat Bait,

Ibid. – Curious Ruins II,

Ibid. – Lost Hours on Unmarked Paths,

Appalachian Winter – The Lake and the Mountain,

Ibid. – From the Cosmos to the Mountains,

Caine Rose – Missives of the Moon and the Stars and the Specter Called Love.

Handily beaten is 2013’s previous record of five releases.  Coming in at third place is 2016’s claim to four records made.  A couple years have two releases and a few more have only one.  2007 is the only year that passed when no releases came from the studio since its inception in 2004.

2018 is all but certain to not repeat 2007, and is also highly unlikely to repeat those single-release years (more on that in the forthcoming 2018 Prospective).  Will it tie or break this record?  Find out a year from now, when I pen the 2018 Retrospective.

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