As I found out this recently past year, forecasting doesn’t ensure an accurate prediction. One would think that my watching weathermen make terribly inaccurate predictions would have taught me something, but I am a musician – meaning that I’m an especially vexing cross between being hardheadedly idealistic and also being dumb as a rock.

That said, I’ll show you the conditions that appear to be coming together as a perfect storm of releases this year. The first is that Appalachian Winter at this very date is close to completing the album Winter Always Returns. With that album being all but certain for a release this year, a good chance exists for F-14 to also add to studio discography. F-14 has been delayed again, due to trouble getting good vocals, but we have a whole year for vocal work and nothing else. Also, the Construct is still working on a three-album release that is likely to be complete this year. Possibly, this year could add five new albums to the studio discography. Fingers crossed.