Okay. How do I do this? Fuck it, it’s optimism time. Considering what’s on the back-burner, I want to forecast five or six albums to have 2021 as their year. My numbers come from: a.) the three-year dick tease of the Bride of Antimatter trilogy (Construct), a new High Malevolence album, and those being easy, the often put off but never forgotten Tomcat debut, and possibly a new Appalachian Winter atop all of that.

Now – if I may be realistic – let’s say that SOMETHING will be done by the end of the year. It likely will be much less than what I’ve predicted. One thing that could knock AW off the 2021 train is the new production rules that will be generated due to physical drums being used, but then again the AW album will be all new – along with most of the next High Malevolence record. I want High Malevolence to remain synthetic, so I’m not worried about drum production delaying that project. The Construct and Tomcat have all of their music recorded, it’s just vocals that need to be added.

I can’t wait to see how wrong I am, but you know what? I don’t know. But 21 is my lucky number. Also, the Studio has a drum set! Take away everything I’ve forecasted and it’s still going to be a great year. Maybe it’ll set the stage for an incredible 2022.