Vocal tracking out here has always been a sore spot for me.  Constantly getting things wrong, retake after retake, and other nuances have stymied me more than once in this process.

But I’ve just found a workaround. Basically, I can now monitor vocals with an outboard reverb. I’m not going to go too far into detail, but it’s kind of like using the audio interface as a guitar amplifier’s send/receive sfx post. It wasn’t meant to do things like that, but somehow it works.  The only downside is I can’t leave it fixed and just forget about it otherwise my guitar input on the interface gets no audio, so I have to unplug the line from the reverb effect processor.  The reverb itself which one hears back in the headphones is muddy and a bit ugly, but it can be tweaked, plus it’s not recorded!

I’ve seen other people who are far better singers than me have trouble, too. With luck, this is a fix that everyone can benefit from.