I know I said it last year and it didn’t pan out, but let me try again for this year. We may have a perfect storm brewing that could help this year see something like five new releases coming from the studio!

My optimism is founded in four developments. The first is that the Construct’s Bride of Antimatter triple release has six songs for which recording needs to be finished. Music is done, it’s just that the vocalist – who lives around two hours away – needs to find time to come here and get these done. We forecast a minimum of three more visits for him to put us at over the finish line. It looks confidently doable.

But that’s not all! Appalachian Winter sits at nearly halfway completion for a new album called Winterhewn. Summer should see this album at the earliest. F-14 Tomcat still has all music done, it’s just the vocals that prove to be difficult. Also, High Malevolence has just begun the writing stage for its follow-up to Predators. I originally thought High Malevolence would be a one-album project, but it may well be at least three (but if unlikely more than one of those albums will be done this year, if this year at all).

So, here is my new forecast – four releases at the fewest and six at the most.  Can’t wait to see how wrong I am this time.