D.G. Klyne owns, manages, and operates Wilt Hollow Workhouse Studio. As a self taught audio and mastering engineer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, he has developed rules and methods of music production in conference with other musicians here. The countless hours spent recording bands, solo artists, and collaborations under a variety of environments and circumstances have helped D.G. hone his skills in this craft. Always striving to do more and to do it better, his ethic of research, trial, and improvement is as much a part of the studio environment as the equipment used to make music here.

D.G. Klyne is also a prolific artist in his own right, contributing music to bands and solo projects – be they by other musicians or if they are his own.

Bands and Collaborations:
The Stereoplanetary Audio Construct
Guardian Eagle

Solo Projects:

Appalachian Winter
High Malevolence
F-14 Tomcat

Pendulum Stone
Caine Rose

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