“Considering what’s on the back-burner, I want to forecast five or six albums to have 2021 as their year.”

“Now – if I may be realistic – let’s say that SOMETHING will be done by the end of the year.”

Those quotes were both me a year ago. Something else they have in common is they were both wrong. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but this drum stuff is HARD. But progress is being made. The first track for the new AW album is in draft form. The new High Malevolence album is two songs in. The Construct inches ever closer to the Bride Trilogy being done. Tomcat still needs a few leads replayed and truer sung vocals, something that should be well within my capability. I can bring those old predictions forward again this year, but my success is going to be dependent on how well I can capture those drums, and generating those production rules are still in progress. Once I have readily reproduceable results, I’m a fucking album-making machine again.

Here are some results from my initial drum attempts:

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