News – 22 January 2017: A Look Ahead for the Year.

Recent activity in the studio includes accomplishments that were solely some various properties of The Stereoplanetary Audio Construct, including a full album, a couple singles, and an EP. Other behind the scenes work for 2016 that often isn’t shown in a discography included the centralization of studio controls to the computer desk, making it effectively an engineering desk. The recording of projects here is resultantly streamlined and should be easier for all involved – including the engineer. Also, re-amping has been tested here and is successful, appearing on at least one song from the Construct’s latest album. Vocal monitoring has become a reality here as well, which should also help to ease the recording process. Also, I married the studio to Sonar Platinum DAW software, so with any luck the DAW question is answered permanently (EDIT: LOL NOPE, GIBSON CLOSED THAT SHIT THE FUCK DOWN).

I forecast a good year ahead for 2017 as well. I expect Appalachian Winter’s discography to become enriched with a twofold release before this year is out. Also, I have hopes that a Guardian Eagle release will join us as well. There’s a decent chance we’ll see more Pendulum Stone, likely another Construct project will start, and there should also be a full Mister S album getting some black metal additions. I do not expect much in the way of further studio modifications for awhile, unless there is a catastrophic equipment failure of some kind.

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